Why Kids Are Neat

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My kids can be interestingly inappropriate at times.

Yesterday I attended my cousin’s wedding reception,  they were married out of country and this was their local party for people who were not able to attend it. It was a casual affair and filled with family from my aunt’s inlaw side.

I was saying goodbye to my cousin’s aunt that I vaguely knew. She was asking me  about a solitare game I knew and I was explaining how it worked. Meanwhile my daughter showed up at about the same time as the uncle did to gather his wife home. I can not stress how much the aunt and.uncle are on the conservative side. Which makes the following extremely awkward but awesome at the same time.

My daughter was holding a stufffed panda and mumbled something about twerking. The next thing I knew she was making the panda twerk in front of us all. I was aghast. Then without missing a beat my 10 year old turned tail with the panda and started singing “I came in like a wrecking baaaallllllll!!”, and left the room.

I’m not sure if the aunt and uncle understood what had just happened. In any case I said goodbye and made a hasty retreat.


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Why yes that is a brown paper package. Look at me being stealthy and hiding the addresses.

Why yes that is a brown paper package. Look at me being stealthy and hiding the addresses.

You’re probably wondering what that package is all about? Well, I had commented on a blog a looooooong time ago that was doing a give away, I commented more to be engaging on WordPress than with any hopeful intent at winning. So I was super surprised to find out I had been magically picked to win the glorious prize package that is now coveted in my house. The prize is an Angry Birds Star Wars game thingy. I’m a parent so I don’t know all the technical jargon about Angry Birds. All I knew is that my youngest loves Angry Birds and he loves Star Wars, it seemed fated. The rest, as you all know, is now history.

Look at all those Star Wars Angry Birds and Piggies!

Look at all those Angry Star Wars Angry Birds and Piggies!

The kids had a fun time assembling it all on their own and playing with it afterwards. They were shocked and happy to have had a special surprise show up for them in the mail. The game resides in the “don’t you even think of going in here” closet. It gets brought out on family game nights and then it’s tucked back in with the Game of Life and Sorry! so all the pieces won’t get lost. We have other games but they’ve been relegated to the “must look for the games piece” pile. Which we all know will never happen.

I gave birth to birds apparently.

I gave birth to birds apparently.

If anyone is still paying attention be sure to check out the adventures of & Squatch Makes 3.

Once again (I have sent many a thankful email to him), thank you Ande for picking my comment out the bunch, my kids loved the surprise.

Friends and Their Challenges

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Last week my friend at The Drunk Runner included me in a writing project. The assignment is to write about something I found challenging and how I overcame it.  I wrote a tongue in cheek tweet back to her as my answer but of course it wasn’t acceptable.

The thing is all my past challenges are just that, in the past. I have moved on and I don’t even bother thinking about them. I don’t look back at those times for motivation or inspiration of “I did it! I survived and I’m even more awesome for it.” Those times are building blocks to a foundation of knowing what I am capable of, they give me unyielding support. Why would I dig those up? Think about it.

Then again, maybe I cannot see the forest for the trees.

I’m grieving a friend who passed on last month. I’m neck deep in the 5 stages of grief. Which is annoying when you know all of them and keep asking yourself, “OK which stage do I assign this feeling to?” The truth is you can bounce through all 5 stages at once and have no progress, they’re not definitively in order. At the moment I’m straddling between acceptance and depression. For some self masochistic torture I’ll dip back into denial and bartering. This is my in the moment challenge, this is what I am trying very hard to move past. All the while still functioning as a somewhat responsible adult.

From past experiences I know this is a temporary state of mind – people in my life have died before. I will be able to move on and look back on my time with her with only happiness. But fuck all that right now – right now it hurts. Time is the only thing that is going to get me through this. Since time is relative there is nothing I can do but to wait the grief out, to experience all the emotions and not bury them away.

One day I will let go of her and move on. Knowing this is how I’ll get through it.

My Life the Last Few Days

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Tournament Aftermath

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This is me being so tired after two days of travelling back and forth (2 hr trip each way) and playing in 4 games. 3 of those were only half hour games but still they all happened on the same day. It made for a long weekend.

On the plus side I wad able to bond with more team mates and meet some really cool people. RVRDA puts on an awesome event. Everything ran smoothly and my favourite part was finding home made jam on their merch table.

In Which I Forgot This

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Yep. This blog is still here and I’m still here.

I’ve had a few shitty set backs in the last couple months coupled with being busy with positive developments. It’s been a yin yang of mixed emotions. So my focus has been elsewhere.

Besides I feel when I am hermitized by the winter snow and what not I am more likely to allow my creative juice flow. Cabin fever is my muse.

For those still paying attention. Thank you. Be patient. I’ll be back at ‘er again.

Pick You Up

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Damn rights I am.

I’m pretty sure I tweeted this link before but who cares? If you’re in a bad mood this will make you feel better.

Maybe a smile or a laugh will grace your face and BAM! Feel good endorphins making your day suddenly awesome.

Have a happy day. :)

Emergency Compliment!

I’ve Been Busy

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I have been so busy this last little bit in my life that I have forgotten about my blog. Rest assured I will get back into the swing of things when I have a bit of room to sit down and think.

My cousin J here came to visit me this last week while her parents went on vacation. She said she was tired of hanging out with old farts and wanted to hang with me and the Sprogs. We all had a great time and she even hung out with the derby team.

J will be turning 45 next month!

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying some time with family and friends.

p.s. you can keep up to date with my Instagram and Twitter feeds if you feel so inclined to do so. I’m more on the fly with them.

My Mom Day

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Started with this “surprise” breakfast in bed from the Sprogs. I was so happy it was edible. I have great kids. I opened their homemade gifts and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of macaroni and impressed with their artistic abilities.

I then went to lunch with my mom and the Sprogs in tow. It was yummy. Afterwards we went bedding plant shopping where mom and I decided to buy each other bedding plants for Mother’s day. Which seems counter productive but it made her happy. She also got a bouquet of flowers and a Keg card to take her gf out for dinner. Needless to say I sent my mom home with the biggest smile ever today.

Then I went to a baby shower to celebrate the second born of a friend. We shared birthing stories and had an indepth conversation about society and breastfeeding. We probably scared the girl who hasn’t had a baby yet but that’s usually how it goes. I didn’t bother holding the baby because, even though my two survived, my fear is I’ll drop a baby and crack its head open. So I try to avoid doing anything, like holding a baby, that could facilitate that happening. I’m the mom that will take care of your kids when they’re in the “why” and tantrum ages because I can handle that shit with alcohol patience.

It was a good day.

impromptu dance floor

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While waiting in line for the cable cars at San Fran I happened to look down and saw this delightful chalk drawing.

I didn’t dance because I was tired, and my feet hurt from the day of walking I had just done, but it made me smile to think about a whole group of people dropping it like its hot randomly.

So remember to take time out in your day to dance either figuratively or for real. Inject some fun in there somewhere and enjoy the moment. Sometimes life just needs a bit of frivolity.


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